handmade holiday cards 2016

Handmade Holiday Cards 2016

happy holidays!

I love holiday cards – sending, receiving, and just the whole tradition.  This year’s cards have now either reached their destinations, or they’re on their way, so I thought I’d go ahead and share them here.

(By the way, I think I said this last year, but it still holds true.  If you didn’t get a card from me, it almost certainly means that I don’t have your address.)

lotsa cards

I made quite a few of these two designs this year.  At first, I started out with just the cards on the right (above photo), but I quickly figured out that reversing the colors would allow me to use up all of my “negative” die-cuts, as well as the positive. When making a whole lot of cards (especially when you intend to start them in June, but it’s November before you even have a plan, LOL), it speeds things up quite a bit if you can do them in stages.  So…

Handmade holiday cards 2016.

Various parts I prepared, before assembling the cards.


I cut and scored all of my card-bases (standard 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″), and then cut out a mess of red rectangles and white rectangles (4″ x 5-1/4″).  For the white pieces, I dry embossed some stars and swirls; for the red, I used a plaid pattern.  With a combination of Simon Says Stamp’s Vented Star die, and a Sizzix star die, I cut out a bunch of star shapes, being careful to save all of the little “bits”.  I also die-cut the same number of stars without the venting.  The sentiments were heat-embossed on strips of paper, and a small Baker’s Twine bow was added to each strip.

a note about heat-embossing

On the red strips, the words were heat-embossed in white.  On the white strips, though, I used red ink to stamp them, and then I stamped them again with VersaMark ink, coated them with clear embossing powder, and heat-set them. While the red words aren’t quite as “puffy” as the white ones, they are very nice and shiny – it’s a good trick when you don’t have the right embossing powder.  And with a positioning tool (I used a MISTI), it’s easy to do.  Because the powder dries clear, even if your VersaMark stamping is off a bit, it won’t be too noticeable.

the fun part

Once everything was cut and prepped, the fun began.  I added adhesive to one side of all of the plain, unvented stars, and I adhered a vented star on top of it.  This gave me a star with sticky strips where it was vented.  Then, using a pair of tweezers, I carefully placed those teeny-tiny strips in the opposite color, filling all of the sticky gaps.  I could have gotten a similar look by simply gluing the vented star to the opposite color, but I really like the “inlaid die look” you get with this technique.  If you want to try this yourself, I recommend a good tape adhesive (liquid glue dries too quickly),  a really good pair of tweezers, a comfortable chair, a nice warm beverage, and your favorite tunes. 🙂

Handmade holiday cards prep work 2016.

Save those itty-bitty pieces!


Once all the parts were prepared, I put them all together, using foam adhesive for the sentiment strips and the stars.  (Scotch foam tape works perfectly for the sentiments, but I found that the best way to add dimension to the stars was to die-cut more stars out of white foam, then run them through my Xyron for adhesive.  Not necessary, but quicker and cleaner.)

Handmade holiday card.

Close-up of the red star on white version.

Handmade holiday card

Close-up of the white star on red version.

Do you send holiday/Christmas/New Years/winter cards?  What do you do with the ones you receive?  (I love to put them on display during the holidays – they become part of my holiday decorating!)KitEndSig2

Sending you all Warm Winter Wishes, and wishing you and yours a Merry & Bright Holiday Season!  Thanks for stopping by!


Supplies (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):

card insides: what to do inside your cards

Carl Sagan quote, hand-written card sentiment.

Quote by Carl Sagan, handwriting by Kitty Smith

Card Insides

When I first started making cards, one of the things I struggled with most was the card insides:  the sentiment and decorations on the inside of the card.  I love decorating the outside of a card, but I tend to get lazy with the insides. And what about the sentiment?  Where do you find the right words?  Do you print the sentiment from your computer?  Do you hand-write it?  Do you decorate the inside?  Should it match the outside?


My card insides rarely look as nice as the outsides, but I do try to add something… a coordinating stamp, a small die-cut, a strip of patterned paper, etc.  And whatever I add, I always try to make it match the outside of the card.


But what to write on the inside?!  I often send dozens of cards to the same person, and I can’t just put “thinking of you” on every one.  So I tried to think what I would want to read in a card.  Happy words.  Or happy quotes.  And it just so happened that I was already saving happy quotes for myself.  (I post them all over the place – in planners, pinned to corkboards, colored and hung from the walls…)  Many (most?) of these are not what you would call “traditional card sentiments”, but it seems to me that, as long as it’s happy, who cares?  Whatever works – right?

(Photo below is my “sentiment journal”, where I store all of my happy words.  I talked about it in a previous post, but maybe I’ll “revisit” it sometime in the future.)

Irish Blessing for card insides

A page from my Sentiments collection.


So, as I’m always trying to find a way to share something useful, it occurred to me that card guts haven’t been getting the attention they deserve.  I’ve never done a blog series before, so maybe it’s time.  I could share the happy quotes I find online, different ways of printing or writing your card sentiments, ways to decorate your card insides and match them to the outsides, etc.  (And maybe it will inspire me to pay more attention to what’s inside my cards.)  KitEndSig2So what do you think?  Card Insides:  Happy Quotes and Pretty Card Guts.  Ummm… maybe I should work on that title, LOL.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by, and have an incredible day!

kit-saganclose-upSupplies (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):

autumn greetings card

Autumn Greetings Fall Leaf CardAutumn Greetings

Well, perhaps this Autumn Greetings card is a bit late for some of you who are already seeing snow (yikes!), but here in Florida, it has just now finally gotten cool enough to break out the sweatshirts… well, in the evenings, anyway.  Yeah, I’m spoiled, LOL.  This card comes from the awesome Simon Says Stamp October 2016 Card Kit… which has long since sold out (like I said, I’m a little late), but no worries – the adorable stamp set (Nutty Over You) that I used to create this card is still available.  🙂

Making a wreath

This fall-like wreath was really easy to make – you can do this with other small images, not just the leaves from this stamp set.  All you need to do is find something round, that’s about the size you’d like your wreath to be.  (I used a circle die, but a drinking glass would work just fine.)  Just trace around the circle lightly, with a pencil.  This gives you a template to follow, to keep your wreath round.  I’m sure there are some people who could do this without the circle guide, but I’m not one of them.  (Can you say “wonky”?)  😉  Then, I just pulled out all the leaf stamps I wanted to use, and a bunch of fall-ish colored ink pads, and just went to town.  It’s still not perfect (but it beats the pants off my first attempt.  Don’t ask.)  Erase your pencil marks, and you have a nice, round wreath!

One little secret I’ll share… I wanted to add a bit of green, but all of my greens just seemed a bit “too” green.  (Yeah, that’s a thing.)  So, I inked up my leaf with a bit of greenish/teal ink, then lightly tapped it on a brown-ish ink.  (As long as you start with the lighter color first, this shouldn’t really damage your ink pads, but if that’s a concern, you could try using a sponge to transfer some of the ink.)  It gave me exactly what I was looking for.  🙂


I stamped the squirrel on a separate piece of Kraft cardstock, and the heart on a tiny piece of white, and fussy-cut them both out, leaving a small border.  Matching dies are cool and all, but some images, like these, are pretty easy to cut out by hand.  I did the same with three small acorns, and attached everything with a bit of foam adhesive.  One rounded corner, a Kraft card-base, and I was done.  Not a super-elaborate card, but still fun and fall-ish.

Autumn Greetings Card, bashfulcat.comWishing everyone a beautiful autumn, and a wonderful day!  KitEndSig2

Questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, complaints… just looking for a friend?  Comment here, or send me an e-mail.  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Supplies (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):

not a darn thing to do with cards

Sunrise at Vero Beach

Sunrise at Vero Beach, Florida

Absolutely nothing to do with cards

Yes, that’s right.  This post has absolutely nothing at all to do with cards… or paper planners… or paper-crafts… or even anything remotely crafty.  I’m just sharing that right up front here, so if you want a cardmaking tutorial, this post isn’t for you.  However, if you’re curious to see the ramblings of a slightly neurotic wife/cat-mommy/bookkeeper/cardmaker/letter-writer/obsessive-compulsive-planner/bashful-blogger/new-Floridian, then stick around.

In addition to the crazy holiday card goals I set for myself, I’m also doing a LOT of research on what makes a blog successful.  Okay, so maybe a successful bashful blog is sort of an oxymoron, but sometimes I think that *I* am a bit of an oxymoron, so maybe it fits.  😉  But you know, if I’m going to do this, I want to do it right.

“they” say…

One of the things that “they” say (I’m just going to call all of them “they”, because I’ve now inhaled sooooo many e-books/blogs/YouTube-videos that there’s no way to separate what came from who… but thank you to the online community for sharing!)… anyway, they say that for a blog to be successful, you have to connect with your audience – get personal, and let them see into your life.  So, could there be any scarier advice for a life-long shy book-worm?  LOL.  Of course, that begs the question “why blog?”.

“why blog?”

Because, as I get older, I realize that it’s not possible to live in a cave.  Sure, when you’re twenty and healthy, you can try it for a while… but eventually, you’re going to need help.  And, I do actually like people.  It’s not dislike that keeps me in the shadows… it’s fear.  Plain and simple, people generally scare the beejeebers out of me.  However, I really, truly, honestly believe that my reason for living is to share joy.  I can’t do that if I don’t put myself out there, at least a bit.

Vero Beach. See all the people? Yup, this is a very bashful beach. ;-)

Vero Beach. See all the people? Yup, this is a very bashful beach. 😉

I have had a number of obsessions over the years… Disney, genealogy, scrapbooking (all rather kid-related for someone with no kids, LOL – see, I told you I was a bit of an oxymoron) … but it wasn’t until I found cardmaking that something clicked.  Making and sharing cards is the perfect way to share joy (without having to make eye contact, LOL).  But people need people.

And, while I am truly pushing myself to get out into the “real world” and talk to “real people” (and make eye contact), I know that I could reach so many more people through this amazing Internet thingy.  My goal is to find a way to truly add something to people’s lives, to find a gap in the bashful cardmaking blogosphere, and contribute… something… somehow.  Yup, I’ve got it all worked out, LOL.  😉

Sandpipers because... well... sandpipers!

Sandpipers because… well… sandpipers!

In conclusion…

This bashful blogger is going to keep at it for a while longer.  This is, actually, the third blog I’ve attempted.  (I know, right?  Crazy!)  The first one was about visiting Walt Disney World for the “socially challenged”.  The second one was about being a vegan in Walt Disney World.  But card-making is where my heart really lies… along with a bazillion other card-making bloggers, LOL.  However, perhaps I am one of the only bashful vegan card-making bloggers.  (Is that a good thing?)

If you’re still here, thanks for reading!  If any part of this post resonated with you, I’d rKitEndSig2eally, really love it if you’d let me know – comment, or e-mail… or, if you’re bashful like me, you could try a telepathic thought, LOL.  (It couln’t hurt.)  Have a beautiful day, and share some joy!

(Note… no supplies were harmed in the making of this post…. and despite what they say I should be doing, there are no affiliate links in this particular post.)

caring hearts card drive 2016


Caring Hearts Card Drive 2016

Hi card-making friends!  This is just a quick post to share a wonderful way to spread some paper joy this holiday season.  THIS, the Caring Hearts Card Drive, is the reason I haven’t been blogging the last couple of weeks.  Well… this and whole bunch of real-life busy-ness that I won’t bore you with.  😉

I first heard about this on Jennifer McGuire’s blog, but you might also want to check out Vera Yates’ blog for even more details.  These two special women have been doing a home-made holiday card drive each year for a while now.  They collect cards from cardmakers like us, and then distribute them to nursing homes, where they can bring some cheer to seniors who might not have much to celebrate this season.

My little contribution

Well, this year, I’m super excited for this card drive because I have the opportunity to contribute a whole lotta cards.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I received the most incredible gift – boxes and boxes of “card fronts”  (see my TONS of happy mail post).  Well, I’m taking all of the holiday-themed card fronts, and fixing them up for this card drive.  Each card front gets attached to a nice, thick card-base in a coordinating color.  I add a nice little message on the inside, and then pop it into an (unsealed) envelope.  If there are any blemishes or booboos (some of these have suffered a smidge of damage from all the handling), I can usually perform a little card surgery to fix them.  There are so many!  This is just a start:kit-caringhearts2016I am having so much fun with this!  But it’s a HUGE project.  Not to mention that I’m also working on my own personal holiday cards, for friends and family.  (Those I am making from scratch.  I’ll share them after they’re mailed.)  I think it’s safe to say that there is going to be quite a huge mess in my craft room for the next few weeks.  But I will get back to new cards and new blog posts as soon as I can.KitEndSig2

So, who’s with me?  You don’t have to send this many – every single card can bring a smile to a lonely senior.  Check out the Caring Hearts Card Drive today!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a magical day!





autumn window card

Autumn flowers and leaves window card, by Kitty



Autumn at last!

We’re finally getting a taste of some cooler temperatures here in central Florida, so I’m feeling inspired to pull out my Fall-colored papers.  This Autumn window card is very similar to one made by Shari Carroll, for the Online Card Class called Insider.  Simon Says Stamp’s Flag Card Die makes this card super easy, but there are many different ways to adapt this general design.

Card Details:

I started with a piece of plain white cardstock, cut to 4″ x 5-1/4″.  Using a nice, leafy stencil, I blended on a mix of inks in various warm tones. I then cut the “window” out of that piece, as well as a piece of orange cardstock cut to an A2-size card.  For this type of card, you want to make sure that your windows line up.  I then “sandwiched” a piece of clear acetate between the inked piece and the card-base before gluing everything together.

Because this card has a pretty large window, I wanted to cover up a bit more of the acetate, to allow me more room for a message on the inside, so I die-cut several different large flowers and adhered them to the lower left-hand corner of the card front.

Insides matter:

And because these flowers would show through to the other side, I die-cut those very same flowers, flipped them over, and adhered them to the inside of the card, carefully lining each one up.  I also decorated each side of the little “tag” that the window die provides.  Here’s the inside view:Autumn window card - inside view.

A Place to Write:

To maximize the amount of space I had for a personal message, I punched out a small envelope from coordinating patterned paper, and attached it to the inside, just below those big die-cut flowers.  I will be sticking a tiny note inside it, before it is sent off to its new home.  When the card is closed, you really can’t see the envelope.  However, it probably wouldn’t matter if some of it peeked through, since the color matches.  Another idea for the card would be to create an envelope or pocket on the inside that is actually part of the design, and clearly shows through to the front.

Finishing Touches:

I added lots of teeny-tiny die-cut flowers and leaves to both the front and inside of the card, and  I stamped “Smile” on the inside, hidden on the front by the tag.  There is a little room at both the top and bottom for more stamping or writing.  The inside is a bit “busy”, but I like it.  Here’s a side view, so you can really get an idea of how this window thing works:Autumn window card - side view.

Some General Tips:

Any large shape die can be used to make a window – try hearts or stars.  You can use all sorts of leftover plastic for your window – recycled packaging, or, if you have a laminator, I love to use the leftover clear bits, when I laminate something that doesn’t use up the whole sleeve.  Using tape adhesive instead of liquid can help you to avoid glue smearing on your window.  If you choose to add elements that will show through on the reverse side, keep in mind that you will need a “mirror image” of that element to apply to the other side.  These flowers looked fine when I flipped them over, but a symmetrical design would make this even easier.

Anything you like, or don’t like, about this card?  What would you do differently?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

Have a totally wonderful, magical day!.  🙂

Supplies:  the tiny envelope was made with an old punch, by McGill.  The patterned papers are from Stampin’ Up.  I’m afraid I didn’t make note of all the colored inks I used, and most of the flowers were cut from various paper scraps from my stash, but here are a few of the key ingredients from today’s card (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):



star wars wedding card

A handmade Star Wars Wedding Card, featuring the Millennium Falcon.

May the force be with you… on your wedding day.

Yes, I made a Star Wars wedding card, at the request of a friend.  When she first asked, I had zero confidence that I could pull this off… and I’m not entirely sure that I did, LOL.  (Can a wedding card be “campy?”.)  But I sure gave it a good try.  Wait… that’s not right…  “Try not. Do, or do not… there is no try.”  🙂

Use the force, Kitty

I wish I could share my secret for making a Millennium Falcon, but the truth is that there really is no secret.  I Googled a ton of images for the ship, and then proceeded to cut out a whole bunch of various pieces of gray cardstock.  The circles were made with various circle dies, but the rest was just cut with scissors, or a craft knife.  I just sort of sketched it out, to get an idea of the dimensions, then used a ruler to measure, and get straight lines.  I knew it was not going to be “lifelike”.  I just wanted it to be recognizable.  There was a TON of trial and error here.

Measure… cut… crumple… toss… repeat…

Once I had all my pieces cut to size, I used some grungy stamps and gray ink to sort of “dirty up” all the pieces… which felt really weird for a wedding card, but if I remember correctly, the Falcon wasn’t exactly all shiny and new.  Once they seemed dirty enough, I glued everything together.  It’s adhered to the card base with foam adhesive, for some dimension.  I then added some paper “tin cans” with a bit of twine, to the back of the vehicle, and added the “just married” banner.

“The force is strong with these two”

All of the words were done with my computer and printer.  This enabled me to personalize it (the names of the happy couple have been erased, to protect their innocence).  It also allowed me to use that cool Star Wars font for the banner at the bottom.

This card ended up larger than an A2:  6-1/2″ x 4-1/2″, I think.  I popped the ship up on a heavy-weight white cardstock base, which I covered in some shimmer mist.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but it gives the card base a “fancier” look and feel… which seemed appropriate for a wedding card… but I’m not sure if it goes with the Star Wars theme.  In hindsight, a “night sky” background might have looked better… but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea of a mostly black wedding card, LOL.

“Much to learn, you still have.”

I think this has to be labeled as my most ambitious card to date.  I’m not sure if it’s my best card to date, but it stretched the limits of what I thought I was capable of… and that was a wonderful thing.famous-inspirational-sayings_16493-1

Have you stretched your limits lately?  KitEndSig2

One of the best things about card-making is that “it’s just paper”.  Go ahead.  Try something new.  🙂  Thank you so much for stopping by, and May The Force Be With You.

Supplies (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):




TONS of happy mail!!!

A wonderful gift of card-fronts.This is just a super quick post to give a shout out to a wonderful friend.  There is a Stampin’ Up demo in our community, named Sue, who teaches a weekly card class here.  And, where there are cards, that’s where you’ll find me.  🙂  So, I’ve been attending her classes for a little over a year now, and she knows that I truly am card-crazy, and I find good homes for every card I make.

Well, she’s been clearing out some clutter, and she found that she has a whole mess of “samples”.  When she teaches each class, she makes two “examples”, which are basically finished “card fronts”.  She’s been storing these forever, and realized that she really had no use for them, so she asked me if I could find them a home.  She first brought me a small bag of these, and I was thrilled.  But today, she asked if she could stop by, and she brought four more boxes full of these!  Thank you so much, Sue!  You totally rock!

All I have to do is glue them to a card-base, and put a message on the inside, and they will be ready to go.  I love to make cards, but I’m not the world’s quickest crafter.  With this gift, we will be able to send paper joy to so many more people!  Many of these will be going to the Caring Hearts Card Drive that Jennifer McGuire is getting ready to do.  (She talks about it here.)  Others will go to cancer patients, seniors, and others who need a little lift.KitEndSig2

Thank you so much, Sue!  You’re the best!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!



balloon bunny birthday

Birthday card - bunny with balloons - bashfulcat.comHello cardmakers!  Today’s birthday card has a colorful balloon bunny, with a spattering of matching inks on the background.  I am still having fun with my Simon Says Stamp September Card Kit.  It has sold out, but everything I used to make today’s card is available separately (and linked below).

The card base is Neenah Solar White 110 lb – a nice, thick cardstock that’s perfect for standing up to lots of embellishing.  I used a die to give one edge a nice zig-zag pattern, and then cut a piece of light blue paper with the same die, to give the edge a finished look.  I’m not quite sure why, but the wavy design just seems to fit my sort of whimsical birthday card theme.  Using the stamps that came with the card kit, I stamped the balloons and the big Happy Birthday! and then masked them off, along with my rickrack trim.  Then I scribbled some matching ink on an acrylic block, and using a wet paintbrush, I just sort of flicked some random splotches onto the background.  I love this technique, but I think I need to work at it more, to get the right size splotches.

The bunny was stamped separately, colored with Prismacolors, fussy-cut, and stuck onto the card with Glue Dots.  I added some dots from a Nuvo Crystal Drops bottle for a bit of dimension.  Because of the zig-zag border, you can see the edge of the inside of the card, so I put a strip of matching patterned paper along that edge.  It’s hard to see when the card is displayed, so here’s a picture with it clipped shut:

Birthday card - bunny with balloons - bashfulcat.com


The background is truly white, but I’m having trouble capturing that with my phone’s camera.  KitEndSig2(Can you “white balance” a phone?)  Not a difficult card, but how can you go wrong with a cute bunny and balloons?   Hopefully, the birthday girl will think so, anyway.   🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a magical day!

Supplies (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):




never-ending birthday wishes

Never-ending birthday card using Simon Says Stamp's September 2016 Card KitSimon Says Stamp’s September Card Kit is definitely one on my favorites – especially this adorable Doodlebug Kitten Smitten paper!  (Even the name is cute!) I knew it was going to take a special occasion to get me to cut into it – and a very good friend’s birthday was just such an occasion.  In order to really showcase this fun paper, I decided to make a never-ending card.  My last post for one of these (see here), includes a video tutorial, so I won’t rehash all of the details here.  I’ll just say that these really aren’t nearly as difficult as they look.  It just takes a little time to cut out all of the paper pieces, especially if you want to mat everything (which I did here).

I made the base from some gray cardstock, then cut out all of the various little pieces from the oh-so-cute patterned paper.  Then I used pink cardstock to mat all of those pieces. The front of the card includes the die-cut “happy birthday”, along with a bunch of die-cut flowers & leaves, and some tiny butterflies.  When you fold it once, you see this:  Never-ending birthday card, made with Simon Says Stamp's September 2016 Card Kit.

There’s more of that patterned paper along the sides, but I did some stamping on white cardstock for the two middle squares.  That bottom piece with the birthday wishes actually lifts up.  There’s a personal, hand-written message on the inside – but that’s just between me and the recipient.  Fold it again and you see: Never-ending birthday card, made with Simon Says Stamp's September 2016 Card Kit.

This time, I cut out my stamped images and adhered them on top of the patterned paper.  I could have added more images, but I really didn’t want to cover up the paper, LOL.  One more fold, and you see the back of the card: Never-ending birthday card, made with Simon Says Stamp's September 2016 Card Kit.

For this, I just added a bunch of bows.  They seemed appropriate for a birthday.  Fold it again, and it brings you back to the beginning:  Never-ending birthday card using Simon Says Stamp's September 2016 Card Kit

I love making these never-ending cards!  They just seem to be more than “just a card”, somehow.  What do you think?  Do you like cards with unusual folds?  Is there one I should try next?  Is there one you’d like to see a video tutorial for?  I would be happy to be the guinea pig… try it out and mess it up first, so you don’t have to.  🙂KitEndSig2

Thank you so much for visiting, and have a stupendous day!

Supplies (some affiliate links used – see here for full disclosure. If you make a purchase from these links, it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission, which will help keep this blog going.  Thank you so much!  SSS=Simon Says Stamp and AMZ=Amazon.com):