autumn greetings card

Autumn Greetings Fall Leaf CardAutumn Greetings

Well, perhaps this Autumn Greetings card is a bit late for some of you who are already seeing snow (yikes!), but here in Florida, it has just now finally gotten cool enough to break out the sweatshirts… well, in the evenings, anyway.  Yeah, I’m spoiled, LOL.  This card comes from the awesome Simon Says Stamp October 2016 Card Kit… which has long since sold out (like I said, I’m a little late), but no worries – the adorable stamp set (Nutty Over You) that I used to create this card is still available.  🙂

Making a wreath

This fall-like wreath was really easy to make – you can do this with other small images, not just the leaves from this stamp set.  All you need to do is find something round, that’s about the size you’d like your wreath to be.  (I used a circle die, but a drinking glass would work just fine.)  Just trace around the circle lightly, with a pencil.  This gives you a template to follow, to keep your wreath round.  I’m sure there are some people who could do this without the circle guide, but I’m not one of them.  (Can you say “wonky”?)  😉  Then, I just pulled out all the leaf stamps I wanted to use, and a bunch of fall-ish colored ink pads, and just went to town.  It’s still not perfect (but it beats the pants off my first attempt.  Don’t ask.)  Erase your pencil marks, and you have a nice, round wreath!

One little secret I’ll share… I wanted to add a bit of green, but all of my greens just seemed a bit “too” green.  (Yeah, that’s a thing.)  So, I inked up my leaf with a bit of greenish/teal ink, then lightly tapped it on a brown-ish ink.  (As long as you start with the lighter color first, this shouldn’t really damage your ink pads, but if that’s a concern, you could try using a sponge to transfer some of the ink.)  It gave me exactly what I was looking for.  🙂


I stamped the squirrel on a separate piece of Kraft cardstock, and the heart on a tiny piece of white, and fussy-cut them both out, leaving a small border.  Matching dies are cool and all, but some images, like these, are pretty easy to cut out by hand.  I did the same with three small acorns, and attached everything with a bit of foam adhesive.  One rounded corner, a Kraft card-base, and I was done.  Not a super-elaborate card, but still fun and fall-ish.

Autumn Greetings Card, bashfulcat.comWishing everyone a beautiful autumn, and a wonderful day!  KitEndSig2

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not a darn thing to do with cards

Sunrise at Vero Beach
Sunrise at Vero Beach, Florida

Absolutely nothing to do with cards

Yes, that’s right.  This post has absolutely nothing at all to do with cards… or paper planners… or paper-crafts… or even anything remotely crafty.  I’m just sharing that right up front here, so if you want a cardmaking tutorial, this post isn’t for you.  However, if you’re curious to see the ramblings of a slightly neurotic wife/cat-mommy/bookkeeper/cardmaker/letter-writer/obsessive-compulsive-planner/bashful-blogger/new-Floridian, then stick around.

In addition to the crazy holiday card goals I set for myself, I’m also doing a LOT of research on what makes a blog successful.  Okay, so maybe a successful bashful blog is sort of an oxymoron, but sometimes I think that *I* am a bit of an oxymoron, so maybe it fits.  😉  But you know, if I’m going to do this, I want to do it right.

“they” say…

One of the things that “they” say (I’m just going to call all of them “they”, because I’ve now inhaled sooooo many e-books/blogs/YouTube-videos that there’s no way to separate what came from who… but thank you to the online community for sharing!)… anyway, they say that for a blog to be successful, you have to connect with your audience – get personal, and let them see into your life.  So, could there be any scarier advice for a life-long shy book-worm?  LOL.  Of course, that begs the question “why blog?”.

“why blog?”

Because, as I get older, I realize that it’s not possible to live in a cave.  Sure, when you’re twenty and healthy, you can try it for a while… but eventually, you’re going to need help.  And, I do actually like people.  It’s not dislike that keeps me in the shadows… it’s fear.  Plain and simple, people generally scare the beejeebers out of me.  However, I really, truly, honestly believe that my reason for living is to share joy.  I can’t do that if I don’t put myself out there, at least a bit.

Vero Beach. See all the people? Yup, this is a very bashful beach. ;-)
Vero Beach. See all the people? Yup, this is a very bashful beach. 😉

I have had a number of obsessions over the years… Disney, genealogy, scrapbooking (all rather kid-related for someone with no kids, LOL – see, I told you I was a bit of an oxymoron) … but it wasn’t until I found cardmaking that something clicked.  Making and sharing cards is the perfect way to share joy (without having to make eye contact, LOL).  But people need people.

And, while I am truly pushing myself to get out into the “real world” and talk to “real people” (and make eye contact), I know that I could reach so many more people through this amazing Internet thingy.  My goal is to find a way to truly add something to people’s lives, to find a gap in the bashful cardmaking blogosphere, and contribute… something… somehow.  Yup, I’ve got it all worked out, LOL.  😉

Sandpipers because... well... sandpipers!
Sandpipers because… well… sandpipers!

In conclusion…

This bashful blogger is going to keep at it for a while longer.  This is, actually, the third blog I’ve attempted.  (I know, right?  Crazy!)  The first one was about visiting Walt Disney World for the “socially challenged”.  The second one was about being a vegan in Walt Disney World.  But card-making is where my heart really lies… along with a bazillion other card-making bloggers, LOL.  However, perhaps I am one of the only bashful vegan card-making bloggers.  (Is that a good thing?)

If you’re still here, thanks for reading!  If any part of this post resonated with you, I’d rKitEndSig2eally, really love it if you’d let me know – comment, or e-mail… or, if you’re bashful like me, you could try a telepathic thought, LOL.  (It couln’t hurt.)  Have a beautiful day, and share some joy!

(Note… no supplies were harmed in the making of this post…. and despite what they say I should be doing, there are no affiliate links in this particular post.)