About Me


Kitty Smith

Hi there.  My name is Kitty, and I love making cards. Letters, cards, and snail-mail of any kind makes me happy.  I’m organized to a fault (aka “anal-retentive”), and obsessed with paper, pencils, pens, and color.

Adventures in Scrapbooking 2005 - Kitty's Journal.I love all sorts of crafty stuff, but paper is my passion.  My paper-crafting journey started around 2005, with scrapbooking.  I really enjoyed it (both scrapbooking, and collecting supplies – which, as most crafters have discovered, are actually two very different hobbies, LOL), but I felt like something was missing…


I didn’t have a purpose.  I don’t have any children, or anyone to “gift” my scrapbooks to, so they just seemed a little bit wasteful.  Since I already had all of these supplies, I decided to try my hand at card-making.  I discovered that there are people out there who actually like to receive hand-made cards.  Cool!  I now mail out lots and lots of my “paper joy”, to friends and family, to chemo patients, to lonely seniors – to anyone who needs a little cheer.  I’ve found my purpose.  🙂

Next Adventure:

And then, I discovered Stampin’ Up!  I attended a few classes where I got to play with their products – awesome stamps, and rich, gorgeous colors!  So I have taken the plunge, and become a demonstrator for this awesome company.  And I’m going to be taking over teaching those classes that I was previously attending.  How cool is that?!!

A little bit about me:

I am a California girl at heart, but I spent a large chunk of time in central Ohio.  Now, I’m happily making a life in sunny central Florida, with my amazing husband, Rocky, and our two beloved (aka spoiled) cats  – Timber and Pepper.  (Pepper, seen below, is the real bashful cat.)  I am a happy, compassionate, bashful, introverted, vegan, animal-lover, pacifist, book-worm, music-lover, over-thinker, planner addict, and fan of all things Disney.  However, I am working on that bashful thing.  Hopefully, this blog will help me connect with other happy, crafty people.

Life hasn’t always been sunny and perfect for me, but when I finally hit rock bottom, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and said “okay – that’s enough sulking and complaining.  I’m still here – let’s make the best of it.” And my inner optimist finally came out to play.  Now, I treasure every moment – I love life!  And I want to share that joy with everyone.  Wanna join me?  🙂

Follow your passion and the opportunities will find you.  Dreams really do come true!