video tutorial! diy cover for the love today planner

Love Today Planner

Hello fellow paper peeps!  So, I’ve already shared just how much I love my new Love Today Planner by Stampin’ Up!  This thing is awesome!  And I’ve already told y’all how I made my own protective plastic cover for it (see here for previous post).  Well, due to popular demand (okay, maybe it was just one person, LOL), I have recorded a video tutorial for you, so you, too, can make an awesome cover for your planner.  🙂

Video Tutorial:


All I used to make this cover was two job ticket holders, scissors and tape, and a ruler & pen.   I’ll link to some similar products below, but I encourage you to use what you have.  I’ve been using shop ticket holders from C-Line to store my 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock, and I’m really happy with them, but I have a few of the Avery Elle ones that others have recommended, and they would work, too.  For adhesive, I used this old “book binding tape” that I got years ago as part of a kit.  I’m linking to some “artist tape”, which appears to be the same stuff, but honestly, I would use what you have.

The video shows how I put this together, but basically, I just trimmed two ticket holders so that they fit over the cover, and taped them together.  I was able to put the tape along the back, so the front side is nice and clean, and then, for the example in the video, I added a strip of matching blue cardstock over the tape, so it doesn’t stand out like the white tape did.  However, you could totally use this as an opportunity to embellish.  I wanted my actual planner cover to show through, but perhaps you’d rather go to town with different decorations.

The first ticket holder, for the front of the planner, I measured from the top of the opening, and cut down 4-1/4″ on each side.  Then I folded over and scored the flap.  (Long-term, I plan to turn this isn’t a pocket, but I’m still coming up with the best way to adhere it down.)  Then I cut and removed the top edge with the hole.

On the second ticket holder, for the back of the planner, I measured from the top of the opening, and cut down 5-3/4″ on each side.  Then, from the very top of the sleeve, I completely cut off and removed 4-1/4″ inches.  Yes, I could have cut that part off first, and then cut down the sides.  And note that these measurements do not have to be exact, particularly if you use a different brand of job ticket holders.  I originally started with two full sleeves, and just experimented, until I was happy with the fit.  (Remember, though:  it’s easier to cut more than it is to cut “less”, LOL.)

Once both pieces were cut, I put them on the planner, and taped them together.  Voila, protective plastic cover.  🙂  Here’s a look at the finished front:


There are a few things I learned (the hard way, of course, LOL).

Do not use regular page protectors – you need something thicker and heavier.

If you’re going to decorate the actual cover of your planner, do that before you make this protective cover.  You could just decorate the protective cover, but I’m not sure how long things like stickers would last on it.  (That’s one of the advantages of having this DIY cover – it will protect your embellishments.)

I’m certain that there are many different products you could use to adhere the two pieces together.  However, you may want to stick to something that isn’t too permanent.  I was able to remove this tape, and put it back with zero damage to my DIY cover.

Now that I’ve had this on my planner for a couple of weeks, I can confidently say that it holds up pretty darn well.  Mine still looks absolutely perfect.  🙂

Do you have the new Love Today Planner?  What have you done to fix yours up?  I would love to see it!  If you have any questions, about this or any of my posts, or anything paper or planners or Stampin’ Up!, just send me a note.  Thank you so much for stopping by, and Happy Planning!

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Stampin’ Up! Love Today Planner
Stampin’ Up! Paper Snip

Night of Navy Cardstock
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