playful owl card

Ready to play 🙂

Well, I have survived my first real hurricane (Irma), and I am ready to get back to life as normal… which means CARDS CARDS CARDS!  And this one was so much fun that I just have to share it.  But first, I have to tell you how it all came about.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be using the Owl Builder Punch because it was recently retired, but so many people have this one already that I thought I could be forgiven.  You could always make a similar design with the Fox Builder Punch, or whatever critter dies you’ve got.  Being relatively new to Stampin’ Up!, this is the first time I really got to play with the owls.  And that’s what I was going for – a playful, teenage owl goofing off as his parents look on from a branch above.  But the skateboard idea wasn’t mine.  Here’s how the first version looked:

I thought Junior was pretty cute just hangin’ around, upside-down.  You know, just acting goofy, kind of like Stitch over there on the left.  But then I made a huge error in judgement:  I asked my husband what he thought.  I know, I’m an idiot.  Even worse, I listened to him!  LOL.  He said “I don’t get it?  Why is this one upside-down?”  I tried to explain, but he insisted that he needed to be “cool”, not goofy.  “Put him on a skateboard.”  And so, I started over.

The Skateboard:

Mom & Pop Owl were pretty much okay “as is”, but Junior wasn’t cool enough.  So I started with some sunglasses (easy-peasy), and got rid of the silly grin.  I tried to give him a black leather jacket (pleather, of course), but it was a complete fail.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the collar right.  He sort of ended up looking like a priest.  (NOT the look I was going for, LOL.)  So, I left his outfit alone, and just concentrated on the skateboard.  It ended up being very easy.  While I used another retired item (Basket Builder Thinlits) to create it, you could very easily come up with something else.  It’s basically just a slightly rounded strip, with two circles for wheels. What I want to show is that when you fish around, and use what you’ve got, you find that so many shapes can be used for so many different objects.

Paper Dolls:

This really turned into a very “paper dolls” kind of exercise.  (I think I just dated myself.)  I just tried to figure out what different shapes would make up each element.  The baseball cap is just two circles:  the top is a half-circle, and the bill is just a sliver sliced off of a slightly larger circle.  I grabbed the branch from the Seasonal Layers Thinlits set.  The various owl outfits (vests?) were just punched from various scraps.  (I used an old patterned paper scrap for Mrs. Owl – this is a perfect opportunity to use up a bit of old scraps!)  Her bow, and the Mr.’s bow-tie were cut from an old die set I have, but any type of bow or decoration would work here.  The glasses – regular for the Mr., and sunglasses for Junior – were super easy.  I just punched all the different sizes of circles that are part of the owl punch, in black & white & red.  Then I just layered them as needed, gluing them to a thin slice of matching cardstock, and trimmed the edges when it was done.

Builder Punches:

While I haven’t actually seen any skateboarding owl cards before, I suspect that mine isn’t the first.  So much “punch art” on the Net!  When in doubt, Google.  🙂  Since this isn’t really a copy, and I must have looked at HUNDREDS of owls before I made this, I will just have to send out a general THANK  YOU to all the insanely talented people out there that have shared their ideas, and given me inspiration.  Before I wrap this up, here’s one last close-up:

Don’t be afraid to play.  The best way to get better at card-making is to just let go of your concern about the final product.  If it doesn’t work, oh well – it’s only paper.  Believe me – what you see on my blog is rarely my first attempt.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful, playful day!


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